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According to the Chopra Center (, there are varying recommended frequencies for getting a massage. For a lot of people, the answer is once or twice a month assuming nothing especially stressful is happening. You can see the full article and their recommended massage frequencies here. For the average massage therapist with a full and active client book, this can translate into a successful business, but it also means having to deal with the logistics of scheduling appointments for hundreds of clients. If you’re not using scheduling software, over the course of a month, that can translate into a lot of phone calls and emails that have to get fielded and responded to.

Leveraging the best scheduling software can help free up time for massage therapists to focus on doing what they love instead of fielding phone calls and writing email to schedule clients. Good scheduling software will be easy to use, send out automatic appointment reminders to your clients, and make it simple for you to share your availability with customers. In doing these things, more clients will schedule more appointments with you, and you’ll have a lot fewer no-shows. This translates into a healthier, more successful business for you.

Massage clients want you to use scheduling software too. It makes it far easier for them to schedule appointments at times that are going to work around their personal schedule and to schedule the impromptu massage appointment when they happen to be going through a stressful patch. They’ll also be the first to say that appointment reminders are so helpful to making sure that they don’t forget about upcoming appointments.

Visibook scheduling software is the best way for you to schedule appointments with your customers. The iOS and Android apps make it easy for massage therapists or their clients to manage their schedule and book appointments from anywhere. You can access the Visibook calendar from any device that has an internet connection

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