Why Salon owners Need a Scheduling App

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I love Visibook! This app and scheduling software has truly helped grow my business. Last month alone, I gained $1,000 in revenue from brand new clients who made appointments with me -- while I was on vacation and sleeping!
Theresa Gregory, Snipp It Salon

Salon owners run active, complex service businesses. They offer a wide array of services that can be booked for appointments. Beauty services can easily range from hair, to eyelashes, to make-up, to wigs, and braids. These beauty services can vary widely in duration, be combined with other services, and sometimes even overlap other appointments. All this adds up to complexity when managing a busy client appointment book and scheduling complexity translates into double-bookings, missed appointments, and odd gaps in your schedule.

Salon customers want convenience too. They want to be able to see when a hairstylist is free, what services are offered, and when appointments can be scheduled, all without ever having to pick up a phone. Client scheduling is tricky from their standpoint too. They have to book appointments around their own personal schedules. After appointment booking, the client needs to get appointment reminders by e-mail, SMS text, or mobile app notification. This helps to make sure they don’t forget about the appointment and ultimately reduces no-shows.

Good scheduling software is the only way to effectively, efficiently meet the needs of the salon owners and their customers. It’s the best way for salon owners to let their clients know when they are free to be booked for appointments and for clients to be able to easily see when they can schedule without having to hassle with back-and-forth telephone calls. The best scheduling software will also automatically send out appointment confirmations and text message appointment reminders.

Visibook appointment scheduling software does all of these things and more. It’s the easiest way for a salon owner to manage their schedule and let clients to book appointments online. Clients and salon owners (including all salon staff members), can access the salon’s Visibook calendar from anywhere, from any device. All they need is a good internet connection.

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