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Traditional Chinese medicine has for awhile started to become more broadly integrated into the common, modern landscape for relief from stress and as an alternative treatment strategy. Clients find relief from many different kinds of ailments, ranging from stress to pain, and are often relieved to be offered a solution that is non-invasive and doesn’t rely on drugs.

Effective client scheduling is a critical part of running a successful acupuncture business where both acupuncturist and clients are happy. Time is valuable for both parties, so using good scheduling software is a critical part of making sure the acupuncturist is managing their schedule optimally and that clients can book the appointments that they want. One of the unique needs that a lot of acupuncturists have is a need to be able to book multiple clients in overlapping appointments, something the Visibook handles seamlessly. This allows the acupuncturist to set needles with a client in one room, then move on to a second client while the first client is settling in with their needles.

Clients scheduling appointments with an acupuncturist have varying degrees of how urgently and frequently they need to come in. In order for these clients to book the best appointment for them, they need to have quick access to the acupuncturists’ schedule of availability, and easily cross-reference it against their own schedule.

Visibook online scheduling software is the easiest, quickest way to schedule appointments with clients. Visibook iOS and Android apps make it super simple for acupuncturists or customers to manage their schedule or book appointments. Anyone can access a Visibook calendar as long as the device has an internet connection.

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